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More Features

  • Feature: Best Camera 2013

    We announce the winner of our Best Camera award

  • Feature: Organise your life using Windows 8's built-in tools

    The built-in People, Mail and Calendar applications are just a selection of Windows 8 tools that can assist you when it comes to managing and organising your life

  • Feature: Top 6 security tips to keep your smartphone - and your data - safe

    Which type smartphone user are you? Expert or novice - everyone should be aware of the latest scams and tricks that hackers and cybercriminals use to get your personal details and attack your smartphone. We spoke to Janus R. Nielsen from www.mysecuritycenter.com for some smartphone security tips.

  • Feature: What is 'The Internet of Things'?

    We explain the term 'Internet of Things', and examine the way in which connected devices are about to change our world.

  • Feature: Laptop media center

    The modern Windows laptop is not simply a work horse for business tasks, it can help you enjoy your downtime too

  • Feature: The Future of TV

    We speak to YouTube, Netflix, Rooster Teeth and the BBC to find out what they predict about the future of TV. Will scheduled programming cease? Who will make the content we watch? And what technology will we use to watch it? We spoke to a collection of industry experts who are working towards the answers to these questions, and who also pose a few of their own.

  • Feature: What to expect from the Xbox 720

    Tomorrow Microsoft will reveal the next generation of Xbox console. Here's what to expect from the fabled Xbox 720 and PS4 rival.

  • Feature: 10 best Chrome extensions

    Extensions are add-on functions for Google's Chrome browser. They allow you to customise it to give it the features you want, and make it quicker to do the things you regularly do. Here are 10 extensions you should try out today.

  • Feature: What to expect from Google I/O

    Our Google I/O 2013 predictions: will we see Key Lime Pie, Nexus 5, X Phone, or a Google Glass launch date? Here's what to expect from Google I/O in 2013. UPDATED, 15 May 2013.

  • Feature: What’s the best type of map to use for driving?

    Whether you're simply driving from A to B or planning a scenic road trip, we explain the best apps and online mapping tools to use

  • Feature: Best PC tricks and pranks

    Everyone like to have a laugh and there's plenty of amusement to be had messing around with other people's PCs or laptops. Here are 10 harmless but brilliant Windows pranks.

  • Feature: Dell XPS 10

    The Dell XPS 10 is a touchscreen tablet running Windows RT that features an incredible specification given its low price point of just £349.

  • Feature: Planning the perfect holiday with Windows 8

    Thanks to Windows 8 the challenge of planning everything from a weekend break to a relaxing holiday in the sun is now much, much easier

  • Feature: Dell XPS 12

    The Dell XPS 12 is a touchscreen Ultrabook laptop with a twist - with its unique flip and fold hinge all it takes is a quick twist and the laptop becomes a fully featured Windows 8 tablet

  • Feature: How to make your home wire-free

    With more and more gadgets and gizmos in our homes, it makes sense to opt for wireless kit wherever possible. Here are some options for TV, video, audio and smartphones

  • Feature: How to go geocaching

    Geocaching has been described as a high tech treasure hunt. All you need nothing more than a smartphone or a handheld GPS device to engage in this pastime. Intrigued? Well let us guide you in finding your first geocache.

  • Feature: Best online map for hiking

    When hiking or walking, you'll want a more detailed online map than a standard satnav or Google Maps can provide. Here we look at Ordnance Survery, Harvey, Fugawi and other digital map providers.

  • Feature: 10 things you didn't know about Google Maps

    Even if you're familiar with Google Maps and Google Earth, you might not realise how much these free mapping services offer. Here are 10 useful features you should know about.

  • Feature: How we test gaming PCs

    Here's how PC Advisor tests gaming PCs.

  • Feature: Best Samsung Galaxy S4 cases

    We round up the best, most affordable, luxurious and innovative cases and covers for the Samsung Galaxy S4.

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