There's no denying that a Sat Nav is a great gadget, making life easier for drivers. Devices from the likes of TomTom and Garmin not only offer drivers visual guidance when it comes to getting somewhere but also audio turn-by-turn navigation. However, with prices starting from around £60, your wallet may take an unnecessary hit.

However, this is where your Google Android smartphone comes in. Because many devices benefit from GPS that identifies the user's location, a number of firms have developed apps that offer turn-by-turn navigation on your handset for a fraction of the cost. Some of them are even free. Here's our five favourite free Sat Nav apps for smartphones running Google Android.

Google Maps with Navigation

This free app builds on Google Maps, which already comes as part of the operating system, by giving users visual and audio turn-by-turn directions from their current location to a new destination, which can be in the form of a street name, postcode or even type of place eg restaurant .


Skobbler GPS Navigation utilises OpenStreetMap (OSM), a Wikipedia of free maps that's updated by around 250,000 users. As well as offering turn-by turn visual and audio navigation, the app also encourages users to make corrections and update the maps, to make "outdated and poorly detailed maps a thing of the past". The only snag is that this free version of Skobbler is supported by adverts.


Just like the other apps here, MapQuest offers audio and visual directions and even allows you to speak your destination or your search, for hands-free input.

Bike Hub Cycle Journey Planner

Of course, it's not only car owners that want directions to their destination. Bike Hub Cycle Journey Planner features true turn-by-turn navigation using roads and cycle paths, is conjunction with, to offer the quickest or quietest routes for cyclists. It also benefits from voice instructions and vibrating alerts


Likewise, pedestrians also need directions and this app removes the need to follow a map. Instead it uses an augmented reality navigation system which overlays direction for walkers upon a live camera feed from your smartphone of the path/road ahead. You simply follow the white line displayed on your screen.