As well as communicating on the go, your smartphone also offers the ability to play music and watch videos when you're on the move. For all the music fans out there, here's five free apps to improve listening on your Google Android device. These apps will do everything from letting you import your iTunes playlists onto your handset to identifying songs for you.


Shazam is a music identification service that let you hold up your phone while the track is playing. The app will then send you a tag with the track name and artist as well as a 30 second preview. You can tag as many tracks as you like per month, and the app even offers links to Amazon MP3 where you can download the full song, along with the ability to share the track on Facebook and even learn the lyrics.


This app lets you search and watch a catalogue of 25,000 music videos from more than 7,500 artists from your Google Android device. Just like Shazam, the app even lets you purchase the tracks from Amazon or share with friends and family through Facebook and Twitter


This app from online music streaming service We7 lets you listen to music on your Android smartphone from one of its themed station, or alternatively, you can create your own from any genre, artists or theme. Currently in beta, the app even offers offline playback.

doubleTwist player

This free app allows Google Android users to import iTunes music playlists, music ratings and play counts from their PC onto their smartphone.

Audiogalaxy Music

Alternatively, if you'd rather not import all your music onto your phone, Audiogalaxy will let you stream audio files stored on your PC to your Google Android device.