Software AG is doing its impersonation of the tortoise in the race against the hare, with the launch of business process automation products to address enterprise needs in the cloud, mobile, social collaboration and Big Data.

Whilst most other large business software firms have been saying they already have solutions for most of the current business drivers above, Software AG says it has moved "at the right time", and has avoided the "cloud washing" other software companies have been involved in.

Analyst Forrester has previously accused a number of technology companies of "cloud washing" in saying they are there with cloud integration when they're not.

With the launch of business process management product webMethods 9.0 and business process analysis offering Aris 9.0 Software AG claims it is continuing to make sure it can support the standalone business process automation needs of enterprises - even the ones who have already deployed expensive SAP and Oracle systems, which also promise to fully support processes and business change.

WebMethods 9.0 is designed to support the cloud, social, mobile and Big Data needs of businesses.

The new webMethods CloudStreams technology extends Software AG's vendor neutral integration layer to any cloud-based application such as, allowing "any cloud to anything integration", as the supplier puts it. CloudStreams is designed to securely manage the dataflows between cloud infrastructures, whether private, hybrid or public ones.

The launch of the webMethods Mobile Suite for easier mobile integration is joined by the webMethods Pulse offering which is described by Software AG as a "Twitter for corporate collaboration on developing processes" to address social media needs.

For Big Data, Software AG has fully integrated its Terracotta acquisition within webMethods 9.0 to provide in-memory analysis of terabytes of data.

With the Aris 9.0 launch Software AG says it has "completely rebuilt" the analysis tool, which has been on the market for 20 years.

Aris 9.0 includes Aris Connect, which is described by the Software AG as the "Facebook of business process collaboration". There is also a new mobile dashboard.

The Software AG products are designed to sit on top of other business software products - like SAP and Oracle - to give customers an "agility layer" when it comes to integrating and supporting new processes.

At the company's Process World press conference to launch the products in Orlando this week, Software AG chief technology officer Wolfram Jost, said, "In the cloud, mobile, social media and Big Data I have never seen so many disruptive technologies arrive at the same time.

"These new versions of webMethods and Aris are the biggest launches we have ever brought to market."Asked by whether the firm was a little late in addressing these requirements in the enterprise, Jost said, "As a German company we perhaps act like an engineering company. We may not be the first, but let me tell you, when we move it's the right time.

"We might not be the loudest software company, but we have not been involved in the 'cloud washing' and hype others have been involved in."