Smartphones, including those running Google Android, can do a lot more than just make calls and allow you to check emails and surf the web. You can also watch video and listen to music on it. Here's five free apps that will let you watch TV, record shows remotely and even allow you to control your TV from your Android handset.

BBC iPlayer

While the BBC hasn't yet developed a dedicated app for iPhones, it does offer Google Android smartphones the chance to watch and listen to TV shows and radio programmes broadcast on the BBC over the past seven day. You will need Android 2.2 or above along with Adobe Flash Player 10.3. ITV also offers Android (and iPhone users for that matter) an app that lets users browse and watch shows from ITV1, ITV2, ITV3 and ITV4 but only over a wireless connection. This means users won't be able to access TV shows when using their data connection.

FilmOn Live TV

This app lets users stream live TV on their Android smartphone. You can choose from a selection of UK digital channels including BBC1 and E4 and watch what's currently being broadcast. However, be warned, the app will work on both Wi-Fi and data connections, so it's worth keeping a check on your data usage to ensure you don't accidentally exceed your limit or run up a massive bill.

Virgin TiVo

Virgin Media customers that have TiVo TV-on-demand service will love this app that allows Android users to set programmes to record from their handset. The app also allows users to create a list of their favourite channels to see what's on, without trawling through all of the listings. There's even a detailed synopsis for each show offering and the ability to share what you're watching with friends and family by text or email. Sky customers shouldn't dispare though, the Sky remote record app offers them similar functions.

TV TV Guide

This free app lets you browse what's on now and next across many of the UK's free and paid-for digital TV channels. However unlike the iPhone version there's no to set alerts to remind you when a programme is being broadcast or direct links to somewhere on the web the show is available to download.

Samsung remote

This free app lets owners of Samsung Blu-ray players and TVs to control their devices using their Android smartphone. Unfortunately not all Samsung devices are supported, so you'll need to check if your devices are compatible first. Sony and LG also offer similar apps for their devices.