As well as letting you keep in contact on the go, and even listen to music or watch videos, your smartphone can even help you in your quest to become fit and healthy. Here's five free apps for Google Android devices to help you improve your fitness and diet and even monitor your heart rate.

Weight Watchers Mobile Beta

This free app provides Google Android users will a new healthy recipe every day, and even lets users compile a shopping list from the recipe as well as finding a Weight Watchers meeting in their area and read success stories. Meanwhile, those that also subscribe to Weight Watcher's online service will be able to use the app to track the Weight Watchers Points of everything they eat as well as track their weight and progress on their bid to slim down.

Calorie Counter

This app from MyFitnessPal offer a database of over 1.1 million foods that means you can track just how many calories you consumer each day. A barcode scanner lets you easily match your groceries to foods in the database and you can even input customised goals and the app will work out how many calories you need to consumer to meet these targets.

Daily Ab Workout Free

We'd all love a toned six-pack, and while ee can't promise you'll get one with this app, it'll certainly help you own your way. Daily Ab Workout offer simple exercises you can do to bring tone and definition to your core. Furthermore, you can even select the length of workout you want to do and whether the exercises are listed in order or randomised.


The iMapMyRUN+ app uses an Android device's GPS track the route you run, as well as the time it takes you, the distance you've travelled along withy the speed, pace and the calories burned.

Instant Heart Rate

We love this app, which uses your phone's built-in camera to track colour changes on your fingertips that are directly linked to your pulse to provide you with your heart rate.