Best Christmas apps for Android

Christmas is coming! If you're after some Christmas-themed apps to keep the kids amused, keep track of your last-minute shopping list or you want to listen to some great Christmas music, here are some apps that are just the job. Bring some festive cheer to your smartphone with these free apps for Android devices.

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Best Christmas apps for Android: Greetings Cards

If you haven't sent your Christmas cards, it isn't too late for e-cards. Here's how to make personalised Christmas cards for friends and family. But, there's also an Android app - Christmas Greetings - which lets you choose between 100 designs.

Best Christmas apps for Android: Christmas Tree Decoration

Kids love to "help" decorate Christmas trees, but this app lets them make whatever mess they want without ruining your style. In fact, there are loads of free aps for decorating Christmas trees, so if you don't like this one, try another.

Best Christmas apps for Android

Best Christmas apps for Android: Christmas Radio

With this app you can listen to festive songs to your heart's content. Christmas Radio for Android offers over 40 radio stations across the world playing nothing but seasonal songs. There's even a station broadcasting from the North Pole. Of course, you can also search for Christmas playlist on YouTube - there are lots of great compilations to listen to.

Best Christmas apps for Android

Best Christmas apps for Android: Free Christmas list

Using Free Christmas List you can track the gifts you plan on buying your friends and family as well as keeping track of how much it's costing you. With a password you can ensure no-one can snoop at your phone in a bid to try and find out what they're getting.

Best Christmas apps for Android: Santa Tracker

This year, Google has made an interactive advent calendar complete with Santa Tracker which you don't even have to install. Just open a web browser - preferably Chrome - on your Android device (it also works on iPhone / iPad and PCs) and play the games each day in December. On Christmas Eve you can watch Santa delivering presents around the globe.

If you want to use it offline, you can simply install the Santa Tracker app

Best Christmas apps for Android

Best Christmas apps for Android: Talking Santa meets Ginger

As well as Talking Santa Outfit 7 has made a new app this year which features Santa and Talking Ginger, which many kids will already be familiar with. As usual, it's a 'freemium' app which will bug you to pay to unlock extra animations or install other apps to get them for free. Even without those, this is still a fun app which will use your phone's mic to record your voice and repeat it with Santa's deep, booming tones.

Best Christmas apps for Android