If you're planning on passing on your old Google Android smartphone, either to a friend or family member, or online through an auction site such as eBay or a mobile phone recycling service, it's worth remembering you should completely remove all your data before you hand your mobile phone over. This ensures your data has been removed and can't fall into the hands of hackers or other law breakers. You could do a factory reset on the phone. Alternatively install a data removal app to do the hard work for you. Here's five of our favourites for Google Android devices, that are also free.

History Eraser

This app can erase all sorts of data from your Google Android device, whether you want to delete you call log, clean up your browser's history or even remove the search history of the Android market

1-Click Cleaner

With this app not only can you remove cache files and clean-up your SMS messages, you can also implement a 'deep clear' that will remove useless files on the SD card and those left even after an app has been uninstalled.

History Eraser+

History Eraser+ offers one-tap removal of all your handset's data from call logs to the application cache.

Delete My History – Erase Cleaner

This app sets out all your different data selections and allows you to select whether to delete it or not.

History Clear Free

Clear the history of Android's default browser with this free app.Chose between removing the history from the last hour or two, that day or all time.