There are thousands of apps that help make you more productive or get things done on your smartphone, but there's also plenty of totally pointless but addictive apps. You can fool your friends into thinking they've broken your screen, annoy colleagues in meetings making it sound like you're pressing a desk bell or even transform yourself into a Jedi Knight. Here's five of our favourite pointless but fun apps for Google Android devices.

Whoopee Cushions! (fart)

Turn your Google Android smartphone into one of the oldest practical jokes in the world, the Whoopee Cushion. With this app, a simple tap will result in what the developer's term a "horde of realistic fart sounds". The app also features a motion detector ensuring bottom burping sounds will be produced when someone sits down while a sound detector means you'll be able to silence their gossip quickly.

Better Cracked Screen

Foul your friends into thinking they've broken you Android device when they press it screen thanks to the Better Cracked Screen app. When you're bored of the joke simply shake the handset to stop the screen cracking.

Ultimate Star Wars Lightsaber

As a child did you dream about becoming Luke Skywalker purely to get your hands on a lightsaber? Yeah we did too. And now this app makes it possible. Simply move your phone to get realistic sounds and colours. You can even customise the character, background image and music displayed on the app.

Coin Flip

Need to make a decision but you're not no coins on you? Or perhaps you're just bored. Fear not, Coin Flip allows you to tap the screen of your Google Android smartphone and a coin will be tossed on screen. Alternatively, flip your handset forward to begin the coin toss for a more realistic feel.

Desk Bell

Whether you want to call a waiter or simply annoy your colleagues, this app will make the sound of a desk bell when tapped. You can even change the type of bell sound played.