The Wi-Fi connection on a smartphone is a great feature. There are plenty of apps available in the Android market that can help improve your connection from network scanning tools to using your connection to automatically unlock your phone. Here's five of our favourite free Wi-Fi related Android apps.

Wi-Fi Buddy Beta

Wi-Fi Buddy Beta is a network scanning tools that helps you connect to open networks and keeps the connection active even when your device is idle. Furthermore its got VPN settings to ensure your net connection is secure.

Unlock with WiFi Free

We love this app that automatically unlocks your Google Android device when you're connected to your home Wi-Fi network.

Orange WiFi

If you're an Orange UK customer then this app lets to locate and connect to BT Openzone WiFi hotspots included in your Orange plan, with no need to remember numbers or passwords.

Super Tether

If you Android device runs version 2.1 or below of the operating system then you won't be able to turn your handset into a Wi-Fi hotspot without rooting it. That is, unless you download this app.

WiFi Radar

We love WiFi radar as its lets you see the physical location of wireless networks near you by utilising your device's digital compass.