There are hundreds of app for smartphones that let you monitor your health, as well as offering helpful advice should you need to administer First Aid or look after yourself. Here's five of the best free medical apps for Google Android devices.

First Aid

Whether you find yourself in a situation where you need to administer First Aid, or perhaps you're just offering help and advice to someone else, this app offers illustrations, videos and short texts that show you how to take the necessary action in the right order.

Color Blindness Test

Concerned you might be colour blind? Then take the test offered by this app to find out

NHS Direct

Just like the NHS Direct helpline, this app will allow you to identify what potentially may be the problem if you're feeling unwell as well as offering you advice on how to look after yourself.

BMI Calculator Pro

Want to know whether you're a healthy weight? Then use BMI Calculator Pro to workout your Body Mass Index (BMI). The app is suitable for children, teens and adult and allows details to be saved to the handset for future reference. You can even work out the BMI for multiple users.

Test Your Hearing

Use this app to work out your 'hearing age'. 25 tones will be played in the test, which takes around 10 minutes, and users must identify whether they can hear them or not.