Your smartphone can be helpful in all areas of life and when you're in the kitchen its no exception. There are hundreds of apps that feature recipes for every conceivable dish and cuisine, ensuring you don't have to trawl through your heavy cookbook and instead can access the recipe for the dish you fancy in second. Even better, a number of these apps are free. Here's five of our favourites for Google Android devices.

British Heart Foundation Recipe Finder

If you to stay fit and healthy then this collection of recipes from charity The British Heart Foundation could be just the thing. Search by course, main ingredient, type of cuisine and dietary requirements and you'll be provided with a list of recipes which have all been checked by BHF dieticians. The Nutritional Value of each meal are also included.

Cupcake Recipes+

Join the rest of the UK in baking cupcakes with the Cupcake Recipes and More+ app. Not only will you have recipes for delicious cupcakes at your fingertips, there's also some great tips on decorating your spoils.


This app allows you to create your own recipe book by importing recipes from any web site without the need to copy and paste. It even gives you a link to the original recipe should you need to refer back to it.


If you're more into a liquid diet, then this app is ideal. It has over 4000 classic and creative cocktail recipes and you can even search them by occasion of spirit.

Bread Recipes Free

Try your hand at baking your own bread, and buns and teacakes for that matter with this free app.