Google Android devices feature a battery status indicator as standard, like all mobile phones. However, there are a number of free apps that will let you customise the indicator with different designs and colours and even adding a percentage of the battery that is left – which is great if you struggle to identify how much power's left in your smartphone from the increments displayed.

Battery Widget

Rather than an app, this is a widget for Google Android devices that can be placed on the device's home page and offer a quick and easy graphical interpretation of how much battery is left. It also allows you to switch off Wi-Fi and GPS by offering shortcuts to these settings direct from the widget.


We love this battery widget that sits on your homes creen and offers an exact percentage of power that's left in your handset. You can even customise the widget from a choice of different colours.

Battery Indicator

The Battery Indicator app replaces your existing battery icon in an Android device's status bar with this one that shows the level as a percentage. Then in the notification area you can see the temperature, health, voltage and time since unplugged.

Gauge Battery Widget

With this widget you can replace your traditional battery indicator with an analogue-style gauge. Pick from a choice of different colours and choose whether to have the percentage level displayed or not.

Battery Notifier (Big Text)

This app replaces the battery icon in the status bar with big, coloured, easy-to-read text showing the percentage of charge the battery has left.