Smartphones make working on the go far easier. You can access your emails from your handset, surf the web and even open documents. However, there are hundreds of apps available that can improve the experience of working on the go using your smartphone even further. From those that provide remote access to your PC to software that allows you create, edit and share documents. Here's five of our favourite free apps to improve working on the go on Google Android devices.


Ever wanted to add notes, arrows or sketches to photos you snap on your smartphone's camera? Perhaps you met someone at a conference and you don't want to forget their name. Or alternatively, just demonstrate something? If so, then Skitch is the app for you. The free app, which is from Evernote, even allows you to post the images to your Twitter or Facebook accounts.


CamScanner turns your Google Android phone into Scanner. Simply snap, documents including receipts, business cards or whiteboards, and then crop them before turning them into PDF files. There's even the option to batch-scan a document with several pages.

Google Docs

This app lets you create, edit and share documents online using Google Docs, the search engine's free web-based productivity suite.


The Dropbox app allows users of the online storage service to access any photos, docs, and videos stored in their account using their handset.

TeamViewer Free

With this app, you can remotely access your PC's desktop and hard drive from your smartphone, although it's worth remembering you'll need TeamViewer installed on the machine you want to access, and the PC will also need to be switched on.