With the excess of Christmas now long behind us behind us and the New Year in full swing, it's time to take on the dreaded task of looking at your finances. Like most of the UK, they've probably taken a bit of hit over the festive period. And many of us were even paid earlier than usual before the holidays, which makes January seem like a very long month. However, there are plenty of apps for smartphones, including devices running Google Android, that will help you keep track of your finances and even help you save money. Here's five of our favourites

Easy Money

This app helps you keep track of where your money is going. You can input any income and all your outgoings to monitor just where your hard-earned cash is being spent.

SmartShopping.co.uk to go

With this app you can search for products and compare prices in over a hundred different UK stores, ensuring you spend as little money as possible.

PAYE Tax Calculator (Free)

Make working how much tax and National Insurance you should be paying simple with this app.

Tip N Split Tip Calculator

This tip calculator not only works out how much service charge you should leave based on the price of your bill, it also helps to split the bill between any number of people.

FuelLog - Car Management

Monitor the fuel consumption of your vehicles with this free app It'll give you a detailed analysis of total cost and mileage, average cost per distance or gas amount, average cost per month, year and driven distances and even expenses.