If you're a student, then perhaps your smartphone is providing an unwelcome (or possibly welcome?) distraction from cramming for your latest test. However, while there's no doubt your Google Android device can be a hindrance to your revision, it can also be a help. There's plenty of free apps available to aid your revision in a number of subjects such as English or Maths, or even just offer some help when you do revise. Many of them are free as well! Here's our five favourite Android apps to aid revision.

GCSE Maths Probability

GCSE Maths candidates will love this free app that offers key facts and quizzes to help you revise ensuring you get top exam results.

Flashcard Revision

According to its developer, this app is "the ultimate revision tool". It allows you to create your own flashcards featuring definitions, key phrases, quotes, dates or even calculations that you can store on your handset and read through whenever you like, rather than when you're confined to your bedroom.

Oxford A-Z of Grammar and Punctuation

English students will love the Oxford A-Z of Grammar and Punctuation app, as it offers includes 250 questions of grammar in the English language, along with basic information about grammar and punctuation.

French GCSE (free) uRevise

This app features a vocabulary checker that allows you to test yourself on over 700 common words and phrases that appear in the Edexcel French GSCE specification. You can test yourself in either French to English or Vice Versa.

UK Driving Theory Test Lite

Study for your driver's theory test with this free app that offers preparation and mock exams using questions from official DSA exam.