Smartphones offer access to all sorts of personal information, whether its personal snaps taken on a handsets camera to online banking information, credit card details and even log-ins and passwords. In fact, should your Google Android device fall into the hands of criminals there'd be plenty of information they would happily extract that can help their cybercrime efforts. However, don't panic. There's plenty of apps available in the Android Market that can help protect you, from hiding your pictures and encrypting your passwords to blocking nuisance calls and even erasing your data. Here's five of our favourites that are also free.

Vaulty Free Hides Pictures

If you've got pictures and videos in your handset's gallery that you don't want others to see, then use this app to make them private. Vaulty will hide the pictures and videos you select under a fake stocks app, which when opened requests a password. If the wrong password in entered the images can not be viewed and instead directs the user to Google Finance.

Google Authenticator

This app allows Google Android  users to set-up two-step verification when it comes to signing-in to their Google account by using a code generated by the app.

Call blocker

With this app you can prevent annoying calls or spam SMS reaching your handset.

History Eraser

Remove everything from web browsing history to your call log on your Android device using this one touch cleaner.

Keeper Password and Data Vault

Using this app you can securely store your passwords on your handset using AES encryption.