You may not think it, but your smartphone can be an asset when you're eating out. Whether you want to locate your nearest restaurant, work out what's in the meals offered or even just decide what wine to drink with your meal, there are plenty of apps to help you. Some are even free. Here's five of the best for Google Android devices.


We love this app that has a unusual way of offering users a list of restaurants in the nearby area. Simply shake your Android handset and UrbanSpoon will utilise the phone's GPS to suggest restaurants nearby. If you don't like the choices offered, just shake your phone again. The app's developers say it covers most major cities in the UK.

EatOutApp UK trial version

EatOutApp offers nutritional values, allergen information, and suitability for vegetarians and vegans, about food served in popular UK restaurant from Burger King to TGI Friday's. It's a trial version so there's a restriction on the number of times it can be used.

Wine and Food Pairing

Confused about which wine you should be drinking with your meal? Fear not, this free app has over 75 foods, listed into different categories. Simply select the food you eating to see which wine pairs with it perfectly. You can even search by wine, if you'd rather choose your meal around you favourite vino. A great way to impress your friends.


Lost of the UK's popular restaurant chains frequently offer two-for-one (or similar) deals ensuring you save money when eating out. But what happens if you've forgotten to print a voucher? Fear not, with VoucherCloud you can find a suitable offer and then get a code on your handset, which will be accepted in place of a printed voucher.

Find Pubs & Bars

If you fancy a quick beer either before or after your meal but you're not sure where to go, then this app is ideal. Find Pubs & Bars reveals the establishments nearest your current location.