US-based software defined networking (SDN) vendor, Cyan, has laid out its A/NZ expansion plans.

The company, which has been in Australia for about a year, has decided to increase its investment into the A/NZ market by going public and listing its shares on the US NASDAQ stock market, as well as with the hire of James Owens as A/NZ managing director.

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Cyan has also been on an acquisition spree in the carrier space, having acquired Vocus Communications a few months ago and a large multi-national tier 1 carrier two weeks ago.

"It was a logical first step. We were looking overseas for certain products and solutions which weren't available in the local market. By acquiring these customers, it gave us the ability to have a customer base which we could leverage to go forward," Owens said.

He claimed the company's first step in penetrating the Australian market is to implement a go-to-market strategy that embraces a variation on those in place in other parts of the world.

"We believe an indirect channel model is the way to go ahead in the A/NZ market so we're actively looking at alliances and relationships with the system integrators that deal with the client base, which is our target market," he said.

Owens mentioned the transportation and carrier verticals are the avenues that the company is targeting to work with.

"That's where we see an opportunity base. The people who service those and the relevant verticals, be it mining, utilities, telco or ISPs, those are the sorts of partners which we're looking to collaborate with going forward."

Supply chain

Distribution deals are also in the company's roadmap, but Owens said it is not a move for the company to take prematurely.

"Once there is a requirement from a customer perspective around the supply chain, we would be looking into distribution at that stage. However, in the immediate, I think it's more important from a direct partner capability initially while we build that critical base," he claimed.

Owens also added that the company's penetration into the A/NZ market would enable a bigger take-up of SDN technologies.

"The key is to get the information and cut through the naivety in the market around what SDN is really envisioned for so it's really around educating the channel and that's number one priority for us."

Cyan has three offices in Australia -- Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney -- with a total staff count of four and Owens said part of its expansion plans is to massively increase its staff numbers.

"Part of my reason for joining is to build up the critical base to be able to service the local market with the right talent pool. It's a two pronged approach; there are requirements from the service and sales ends as well as a demand for Tac engineers," he said.

Prior to joining Cyan, Owens served at Extreme Networks for three years as its South Asia managing director, responsible for India, South-East Asia and A/NZ.

He worked in Oracle for three years before that as its Asia-Pacific general manager.

"I've had extensive experience around Asia-Pacific and South-East Asia but Cyan's initial focus is around A/NZ, then the wider regional markets after we strengthen our foothold here locally," he said.