Bored? Kill some of the precious time in the only life you'll ever have with these brilliant and mostly frivolous websites, each of which was recommended by one of our readers.

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1: Cat Box

Recommended by Fruit Bat /\0/\

It's a deceptively simple premise: there's a grid of circles (some of which are already filled in, at random); there's a cat in the middle of the grid; each turn you get to fill in one circle and he gets to move one space; you have to trap the cat.

But be warned that this addictive little game, by the wonderfully named website The Infinite Cat Project, holds the power to alter the fabric of time itself. One minute you're happily tapping away, over and over and over ("I'll get him this time!"), and suddenly it's three hours later and you're sitting in the dark. Escape now while you still can!

2: Not Doppler

Recommended by Brumas

"I am not a 'hardcore' gamer, so I find this gives enough variety without boring me," writes Brumas.

There's a range of rather brilliant free games on here, which should each divert you from work and your social life with their brief, lightweight delights. We're a bit addicted to Hungry Sumo (pictured below).

Hungry Sumo

3: Red vs Blue

Recommended by wolfie3000

"Usually if I'm bored I hop on over to Rooster Teeth's Red vs Blue site," writes wolfie3000. "It's one of the internet's funniest series."

Red vs Blue is an animation that's based on - and sort of satirises - the graphics, character models and conventions of the multiplayer shooting game Halo. There's nine series to get through, so if you've got time to burn (and a gamer's sense of humour) this is a good port of call.

Red vs Blue

4: Scrabble Zing

Recommended by Starfox

Ah, Scrabble. The smell of the dictionary, the feel of the canvas letter bag.

This is a single-player version of Scrabble, so there shouldn't be too many arguments. You have to score as many points as you can in five rounds, against the clock (although you'll be limited to a weedy two rounds until you register, for free). The letters in your tray completely reset each round, so don't bother holding on to that Q.

"Must have wasted hours and hours playing this," admits Starfox. Still, at least you've learnt some new words.

Scrabble Zing

5: Wellcome Collection

Recommended by fourm member

A classy suggestion, this one: the website of the Wellcome Collection, an exhibiting medical museum just down the road from PC Advisor towers.

Culture vulture fourm member praises the "quizzes, games and fascinating information. The information means it doesn't seem like just wasting time. Try the High Tea game to see how good you would have been as a 19th-century opium dealer."

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Bored? Kill some of the precious time in the only life you'll ever have with these brilliant and mostly frivolous websites, recommended by our readers.

6: Neave

Recommended by Strawballs

This site, the work of interactive designer Paul Neave, has lots of ingenious features to divert you, from animations of bouncy balls that move to the rhythms of your music collection (or the sound of your voice) to an interactive 'planetarium' that shows the stars and constellations above your head, tailored to the time of day and your location. And there are some nice free (unofficial) versions of classic arcade games, such as Asteroids and Frogger.

7: Jungle Dave

Recommended by Noldi

A very silly one, this, but pretty fun nonetheless. It's a bit early Mario-esque in graphical style - you control a tiny pixellated man who can jump and run and that's about it, and you need to climb a series of what seem to be electric guitar strings for some reason. We're not sure what's going on, and were unconvinced at first, but it grows on you.

Jungle Dave

8: British Library

Recommended by Forum Editor

Hardly seems fair to label such a valuable cultural resource as a 'time-waster', but the British Library's website can certainly help you fill the idle hour. Just don't blame us if you find you've been educated and enriched by the experience.

You can view 'virtual books', watch video clips and read information and view images from the latest exhibitions at the library.

British Library

9: Things Magazine

Recommended by Johnny Franks

Things Magazine is an artsy publication that looks at 'objects and their meanings', publishing essays and poems about design, history, architecture and similar topics. But the related blog is a bit broader, drifting into pop music, technology and other accessible areas - once highlighting a gamer's project to spend eight hours circumnavigating the world in the driving title Fuel, for instance.

Harking back to the days when websites had genuinely interesting links section, this site is almost entirely made up of links, weaving together the most interesting photos, essays and articles discovered that week (or so; it doesn't update very often, sadly). An underemployed office worker could sup from this well for months.

10: Paper Plane

Recommended by Fruit Bat /\0/\

An evidently bored Fruit Bat /\0/\ gets a second recommendation into this month's Top 10.

It's pretty self-explanatory: just grab the paper plane with your cursor and throw it across the room. We struggled to get the hang of it - top throw so far: 36m - but could immediately see how people would get addicted.

Paper Plane