Google is offering a mechanism for previewing Web fonts featured in the Google Font Directory.

Accessible at Google's website, the Google font previewer enables testing of fonts so developers can decide which font best meets requirements.

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"Now, whenever you visit the font family page of any of the fonts, you will see a link saying 'Preview this font' that will load your font selection into the font previewer," said Marc Tobias Kunisch, of the Google Font API team, in a blog post on Wednesday.

Google Font Directory provides Web fonts for inclusion in Web pages via Google Font API. The directory, API and previewer are all listed as being in a beta stage of development, according to Google Web pages.

With the previewer, developers can edit text, change its size and line height, and add decorations and spacing. The previewer generates corresponding code to use a font on a Web site. Developers need only copy and paste the stylesheet link and the CSS onto Web pages, Tobias said.

"We think the previewer is a great way to try out Web fonts and showcase what can be done with them," he said.

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