Tired of watching the tech and financial press fawn over Facebook's initial public offering? You're not alone.

Facebook's IPO has drawn a hefty dose of cynicism, witticisms, and other assorted ribbing from around the Web. Below are some of the most amusing reactions to Facebook's first day as a publicly-traded company:

  • On Thursday evening, Ed Hunsinger kicked it off with a tweet that quickly went viral: "Why is Facebook going public? They couldn't figure out the privacy settings either."
  • Donald Trump couldn't resist a jab alongside some vague financial wisdom: "Seems hard to believe that @Facebook could be worth that much--be careful if you invest. And Mark Zuckerberg--get a pre-nup."
  • Brian Lam, editor of The Wirecutter, wondered what the fuss was about: "People getting super excited about corporations getting rich. Will never understand it."
  • Software engineer Mike Rundle took a swing at Facebook's oft-derided mobile apps: "I'm psyched that Facebook just raised a bunch of money because now they can afford some Cocoa developers to build them a native app!"
  • The National Post's Steve Murray had his own jab at Facebook's apps: "What are the chances that facebook will open and then immediately suspend or crash like it does on my iphone?"
  • Film director Nicholas Stoller takes the award for most cynical response: "The fetishization of Facebook stock is weirding me out and suggests to me something deeply off about our society."

Fair enough, Kasey. But Andy Borowitz's mock letter from Zuckerberg to potential investors is worth a read, at least. Here's the opening line:

"For years, you've wasted your time on Facebook. Now here's your chance to waste your money on it, too."

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