Extensions are add-on functions for Google's Chrome browser. They allow you to customise it to give it the features you want, and make it quicker to do the things you regularly do. Here are 10 extensions you should try out today.

One of the things that makes Google Chrome a really popular web browser is its ability to accommodate extensions. These add functions to Chrome allowing you to customise your browser so it does exactly what you want it to.

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There are hundreds of extensions, capable of adding a huge range of different features and functions. As you'd expect, there are many extensions that link with Google’s apps and services such as Gmail and Drive. Your favourite applications may well also have Chrome extensions – if you use Evernote, Dropbox, or Pocket, for example, you’ll find extensions.

It’s not all serious stuff, and there are fun extensions too. Spotify has one, and there are games and art-related add-ons as well.

Some of the best extensions have really simple functions. Right-Click Search Wikipedia might sound a bit of a mouthful, but the description says it all. Highlight a word, right click and you'll see a 'search Wikipedia' option in the menu.

You find extensions by using the Chrome Menu (the three horizontal lines top right of the screen), and selecting Tools then Extensions (or by typing chrome://extensions into Chrome's 'omibox' address / search bar).

At the bottom of the browser window that opens, click Get More Extensions to go to the online store.

Before we share our favourite extensions, a word of warning: take care not to install too many or Chrome will start to require lots of system resources and may change from being sleek and slim to resource hungry.

Make sure you're confident the extensions you install are secure and won’t compromise your system. Also, managing a lot of extensions can become unwieldy.

By using that chrome://extensions shortcut, it's easy to install and remove extensions, so there’s nothing to stop you experimenting to find out what suits you best.

So, in no particular order, here are our current top 10 Chrome extensions:

Best Chrome Extensions: Invisible Hand

Chrome extensions: Invisible Hand

Invisible hand is a shopping tool that compares prices across a range of different sources to find the lowest price for you. It specialises in flights, hotels and car rental with coverage of hundreds of airlines and thousands of hotels.

It also supports general shopping and it covers over 600 retailers in the UK, Germany and the US. Invisible Hand is easy to use – once installed you just tap its icon and type what you are looking for. The results open in a browser page and from there you can link directly into the retailers.

However, a brilliant feature is that Invisible Hand will automatically pop up when you're shopping online to alert you if you can get the same product cheaper elsewhere.

Best Chrome Extensions: Ghostery

Chrome extensions: Ghostery

Ghostery is one of many security-focused Chrome extensions. It checks websites you visit for tracking elements. These tracking elements could be all kinds of different things including tracking for advertisement placement and trackers that websites use for their own analytics purposes.

Ghostery tells you what it has found, and gives you the chance to learn more about the companies which are tracking you. You can also choose to block certain trackers if you’d rather they didn’t record your every move. Bear in mind that not all trackers are bad. If you disable everything, you might find some websites don't work properly - or don't remember your preferences.

Best Chrome Extensions: Quick Notes

Chrome extensions: Quick Notes

Quick Notes isn’t the best-looking Chrome extension, but it does a simple task really well. If you like to make a few notes while you are browsing websites, then it should appeal.

When you tap its icon it opens a notes window into which you can jot down your notes. You can cut and paste information from a website into Quick Notes just by highlighting and then right clicking, or you can write freeform.

The notes you make stay put in different Chrome browser sessions until you delete them manually. Plus, you can email notes thanks to a direct link into Gmail.

Best Chrome Extensions: Google Calendar

Chrome extensions: Google Calendar

There are plenty of extensions that link into Google’s various apps. One that we really like is Google Calendar because of its flexibility and pure simplicity. It’ll show you upcoming events simply by clicking its icon in the Chrome toolbar – and it will pick up events from multiple calendars so you can see commitments you share with other people.

You can also use Google Calendar to add events to your Calendar. You can do this manually or from websites that use the appropriate encoding. The extension icon even shows you how long it is until your next appointment.

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Extensions are add-on functions for Google's Chrome browser. They allow you to customise it to give it the features you want, and make it quicker to do the things you regularly do. Here are 10 extensions you should try out today.

Best Chrome Extensions: Session Buddy

Chrome extensions: Session Buddy

If you use the web day in, day out for your job or for choosing a holiday, you've probably often thought back to something you were researching last week, but were unable to remember precisely which websites were most useful.  

Session Buddy will be a very handy extension in that case. It remembers the state of open tabs in earlier browsing sessions, and you can restore them easily.

You can save sessions so websites you used for 'holiday research’ or ‘birthday ideas’ are at your fingertips. It will help you recover from those rare system crashes when your session history gets lost too.

Best Chrome Extensions:Mail Checker Plus for Google Mail

Chrome extensions: Mail Checker for Gmail

Email can arrive at inopportune moments, and you don’t always want to break off from what you are doing to check what’s arrived in your inbox. So a Chrome extension like Mail Checker Plus for Google Mail can really help.

The icon tells you how many unread emails you have, and if you click it you can preview emails, mark them as read, delete or archive them, or tag them as spam.

Clicking any email you have to action right now will take you straight through to Gmail's main interface.

Best Chrome Extensions: Pixlr Grabber

Chrome extensions: Pixlr Grabber

Sometimes you need to grab an image from a web site and edit it for use elsewhere. Do consider copyright issues doing this, but Pixlr Grabber could be exactly what you need.

It allows you to grab either a selected part of a web page or the whole page.

Once the selection has been made you can save the image locally or send it directly into the web-based Pixlr editor where you can edit it just as you would with a traditional photo-editing application. See our guide to using Pixlr.

Best Chrome Extensions:Slick RSS

Chrome extensions: Slick RSS

Google may be abandoning Reader but lots of people still use RSS on a regular basis. Slick RSS is an RSS reader that is completely integrated into your browser.

That means when you’ve added feeds to it you can easily get to the web page that amalgamates all your feeds in one place by clicking the extension icon.

You can add feeds from bookmarks or manually and the extension icon alerts you to new feeds. A quick click of the extension icon takes you to all your feeds on a web page.

Best Chrome Extensions:Simple Adblock

Chrome extensions: Simple Adblock

While many websites may rely on advertising, those flashing banner adds, wrap around adverts and the ads that sit in front of YouTube videos can be extremely annoying.

Simple Adblock is an extension that sits in the background and gets rid of these irritations and others automatically.

You’ve got the option to allow ads on particular domains so that you can continue to support your favourite websites, making this a flexible extension that lets you decide how and when you view ads.

Best Chrome Extensions:Radio Player live

Chrome extensions: Radio Player Live

There are scores of games you can add to Chrome if that’s what you want. But for relaxing, we like Radio Player Live. Install it and you can build a library of internet radio stations at your fingertips.

You can add stations from the extension’s own web page or from a number of other internet radio locations including Shoutcast.com.

You can also add streams manually, so if you like a particularly obscure station, you can still play it from Radio Player Live. Once you’ve added some stations you can select which one to listen to from the extension icon.