Looking to kit out your Android smartphone or tablet with the best apps around? Here's ten of the best that no self-respecting Android device should be without.

Google Android is the kiddy right now, the mobile operating system's boundaries appear to be limitless and the tech buying public are lapping up what's on offer. Yearly purchases of Android devices are in the millions and yearly app downloads are in the billions. It's a success story that is gaining momentum by the day. See Group test: what's the best Android tablet?

As a result of the Android movement, one question we get asked all of the time here at PC Advisor is 'what are the best Android apps?' and to be fair, it's a pretty good question. So in an attempt to give a definitive answer to such a broad question - and to echo the immortal words of Tess Daly and/or Dermot O'Leary - "in no particular order" here is what we currently think are the top ten Android apps available to download. You can find more at our dedicated Best Android Apps page.

Here's our top 10 best android apps:

Google Translate

Top ten Android apps: Google TranslateGoogle Translate for Android is a magical little app with which you can communicate in 63 different languages, simply type or dictate what you want to translate and you'll have your translation in seconds…providing you have a web connection. See the full app review here.


Top ten Android apps: DropboxTired of e-mailing pictures and videos to all your different devices? Then it's time to get this free cloud based storage service. Simply copy and paste any file you want to transfer into Dropbox and then let this app do the hard work. Once the upload is completed, you can download a files multiple times from multiple devices. You get 2GB of storage completely free too. See the full Dropbox app review here.


Top ten Android apps: TwitterNo mobile device is complete without everyone's favourite microblogging site. This app has been quality from day one, bringing in all your tweets effortlessly in the backgroundm, with minimal Android fragmentation issues. Get it now!

Draw Something

Top ten Android apps: Draw SomethingLike Angry Birds before it, Draw Something is a gaming phenomenon. Launched just a few weeks ago, the Pictionary-like game is already being played by just about everyone with an Android. Read the full review here.


Top ten Android apps: SkypeSkype for Android lets you make free VoIP calls and text-chat with your Skype contacts using Wi-Fi or 3G, they've recently thrown-in video chat to the service too. Bit of a no-brainer if you ask us!


Top ten Android apps: FacebookIn the past, the usability of this app has suffered due to the infamous Android fragmentation issues, but since then the extremely popular social network has unleashed a couple of much-needed updates to the app and it now looks like things are running smoothly. See the full app review here.


Top ten Android apps: KindleKindle for Android is a very capable, full-featured and free e-book reader with great extras. Downloading this app will bring millions of ebooks to your finger tips, some of which are completely free to download.

Documents To Go

Top ten Android apps: Documents To GoYou can either download the free version that lets you view Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files on your mobile device. Or you can chose to pay £9.99 and download the full version that lets you view, edit and create Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint files and high fidelity viewing of your PDF files.

MX Video Player

Top ten Android apps: Documents To GoThis is a great Android app that walks all over the video player that comes pre-installed on your device. With the MX Video Player you can unlock a whole host of new codecs/video files for your Android and it won't cost you a penny. Read the full app review here.

Adobe Photoshop Touch (for tablets only)

Top ten Android apps: MX Video PlayerThis app is designed to bring many of Photoshop's most popular features to Android tablets, allowing creative professionals to integrate these tablets into their mobile workflow. Read the full review here.

Don't agree with our top ten Android apps? Let us know why not in the comments section below. Try not to swear at us though, as we will have to remove the comment. 

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