Best apps Wimbledon 2014

If you're a tennis fan, the Wimbledon 2014 tennis championships that begin on Monday (23 June) can't have escaped your notice. Andy Murray will try to retain his title, so we've rounded up a handful of Android apps that will help you keep up to date and enjoy the game on your smartphone or tablet. Also see: How to watch Wimbledon 2014.

Best Android Apps for Wimbledon 2014: The Championships, Wimbledon

The official Android app for the Wimbledon championships is available free from Google Play. Download and install The Championships, Wimbledon to view live scores, results, the schedule of play, news, player profiles, video previews, highlights, features, interviews and photos. You can also tune in to Live@Wimbledon radio and, if you're lucky enough to be at the grounds, use the Visitor Guide to make the most of your trip. See Best Android apps.

Best apps Wimbledon 2014

Best Android Apps for Wimbledon 2014: BBC iPlayer

The Beeb offers its own catch-up TV service in the form of iPlayer. If your smartphone or tablet didn't come with the app preinstalled, download it free from Google Play. Launch the app, then simply find and tap on a listing to play back Wimbledon action from the past seven days. You can also download content to your device. We recommend using a Wi-Fi connection and, if you're using a mobile phone, having a mains charger handy - watch that data limit.

Best apps Wimbledon 2014

Best Android Apps for Wimbledon 2014: TVCatchup

Whereas iPlayer lets you catch up on Wimbledon action, TVCatchup lets you watch it live. That's great if you're at work or elsewhere away from your TV. And, if you're on a desktop, the TVCatchup Desktop Player can even let you record live Freeview TV. Note that you will need a TV licence to use it, however. Also see: Do I need a TV Licence?

Best apps Wimbledon 2014

Best Android Apps for Wimbledon 2014: Virtua Tennis Challenge

Take on 50 players in 18 stadiums as you try your hand at Virtua Tennis Challenge, a tennis-game app for Android smartphones and tablets running version 2.3 or later. We've also checked out Cross Court Tennis hile Cross Court Tennis  (read our Cross Court Tennis review), but prefer Sega's Virtua Tennis Challenge. Virtua Tennis costs £2.99, but a free version is available - we recommend trying out the demo game before you buy. 


Best Android Apps for Wimbledon 2014: Tennis Math

This free app for smartphones and tablets running Android 1.5 or later comes from developer Suprematic Solutions. If you've been inspired by the tennis on the telly, Tennis Math can help you manage your own home tournament with support for Grand-Slam, Davis Cup, pro-set and custom matches and multiple deuce and tie-break options. This scoring and statistics tracker is designed for tennis players, coaches or parents, with Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced modes available. You can share your score sets via social media, and display detailed stats and logs.

Best apps Wimbledon 2014