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So you've got a new Android smartphone or tablet but don't know which apps to install. Well here's our best Android apps for new smartphones and tablets list.

There are thousands of apps on the Google Play store to choose from so it can be hard to seek out the best apps for your device, the ones you'll never want to delete. We've put together this list of top Android apps to get your started. See also: Best Android Apps.

It's highly likely that your smartphone or tablet already has a number of Google apps such as Gmail, Maps, YouTube, Google+ and Drive so we've left them out of this list.

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Here's our list (in no particular order) of the best essential apps for your new Android smartphone or tablet. We've selected a wide range of apps so there's something for everyone.

IMDbIMDb app

You like films and TV right? Well IMBb (internet movie database) is your best friend with the most comprehensive amount of information on the subject at your fingertips. You can see what films are coming soon, check rating and see who that actor is who you can't quite remember the name of.

Download IMDb


We all like a bargain or a freebie so the HotUKDeals app is a great way of finding the best offers around online and in-store. Users vote on individual deals so you can easily see the top deals and there are sections for competitions and freebies, too.

Download HotUKDeals


Google Maps has navigation but we prefer to use Waze. It's a dedicated sat nav app which is free and is owned by Google anyway. It's community based so users report traffic, road closures, incidents etc in real-time.

Download Waze

BBC NewsBBC News

We like to be kept in the loop and the internet means the latest news is available at any moment, night or day. The BBC News app is constantly being updating with breaking news from around the world and will keep you well informed.

Download BBC News

FacebookFacebook for Android

If your phone doesn't come with the Facebook app pre-loaded then this is probably one of the first you'll want to download. That is if you're a Facebook user, of course. The Facebook app will give you access to your news feed, groups, photos and chat on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Download Facebook

TwitterTwitter for Android

Another must-have social networking app for your Android device is Twitter. The simple and well-designed app allows you to easily see what's happening on Twitter, upload photos and, of course, post tweets. If you're not a Twitter user, why not give it a try and follow us @PCAdvisor.

Download Twitter


Timehop is a great app which links into your social networks including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It tells you what you posted on the same day last year or previous years. Great for nostalgia and you can re-post for fun if you want.

Download Timehop

KindleKindle for Android

All you book worms out there will want to get the Amazon Kindle app. You'll be able to choose from over a million eBooks, a lot of which are free. If you also have a Kindle eReader all your books, notes and where you left off will be synced between devices.

Download Kindle

Amazon Music with Prime MusicAmazon Music

If you like music then you'll want to download the Amazon MP3 app. You can use it to listen to music stored on your device and purchase music from Amazon's library of 20 million songs. Furthermore, you can stream music you've purchased or uploaded to the Amazon Cloud Player.

Download Amazon Music

Lookout Security & AntivirusLookout security for Android

It's always good to keep your new device secure and Lookout is a great way to do so for free. The app includes antivirus, a phone number scanner and will even help you find your phone if, touch wood, it gets lost or stolen.

Download Lookout

Tube MapTube Map

If you're in London then you'll probably be using the tube so this app is a massive stress saver. On top of the map, it offers route planning, instructions and status information.

Download Tube Map

eBayeBay for Android

If you want to do a bit of shopping from your new Android device, maybe you want a case or a screen protector, the eBay app is a good one to start off with. You can browse the items on sale, add them to your watch list, bid on them, pay for them and just about anything else you can think of.

Download eBay

Paper CameraPaper Camera for Android

Your new device will have a camera of some sort, we hope. However, the standard camera app can be limited so for £1.19 Paper Camera provides, aside from a funky interface, a range of real-time filter effects which can also be added to existing photos.

Download Paper Camera

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