Little Indie seeks to get independent developers more exposure through online distribution on its new platform, along with marketing and public relations.

Many independently-developed games find themselves lost in a sea of triple-A titles when released into the wild through services such as Steam and Impulse. It's sometimes difficult for independent or small developers to get noticed. In fact, public relations magician Tom Ohle of Evolve PR (responsible for promotion of the upcoming The Witcher 2, among other things) wrote a whole blog post on the subject that summed up the issue nicely shortly after the release of the excellent Anomaly: Warzone Earth -- a game which you still might not have heard of, despite his best efforts.

A group of three German companies seeks to change this situation with their new digital distribution platform LittleIndie, though. The new platform will provide a suite of Steam-like features such as achievements, leaderboards, automatic updates and social features as well as providing developers an outlet for their work that isn't dominated by giant corporations and their big-budget titles. LittleIndie will also take on presentation, marketing and public relations duties on behalf of developers as part of the agreements it hopes to strike up.

The platform hasn't yet launched and is currently set to open its virtual doors in July. You can stay up to date with the company's plans via its Facebook page in the meantime.

This article originally appeared on as Little Indie's New Platform