GDC Europe, taking place in Cologne, Germany between August 15 and 17, is set to play host to a number of in-depth talks from top developers and publishers. Among those participating are Braid creator Jonathan Blow, Guillaume de Fondaumiere from Heavy Rain creator Quantic Dream and Martin Nerurkar from successful free to play operator Gameforge.

Blow's talk is characteristically philosophical and cerebral, where the designer, in his own words, will "illustrate that games, being algorithmic systems implemented on computers, are biased toward revealing truth, so long as we do not quash the truth in order to force our own high-level wishes into the design."

de Fondaumiere's talk will focus on game ratings and how he believes they need to change. He believes that ESRB and PEGI ratings are imposing more strict limitations on designers than equivalent systems for movies and television. He aims to show "how these restrictions are hurting our businesses and why game developers must now take a leading role in changing these to protect their creations." A topical subject given the unashamedly adult nature of recent PC title The Witcher 2 and how its closest rival, BioWare's Dragon Age series, shies away from certain mature content -- particularly that of a sexual nature. Is this due to the "restrictions" de Fondaumiere describes?

Finally, Nerurkar's discussion will focus the sometimes-thorny topic of game monetization. He'll be discussing the dos and don'ts of how to sell virtual items and monetize games using the increasingly-popular "games as a service" model -- particularly focusing on free to play titles.

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