Football Manager 2014 release date

Football Manager developers, Sports Interactive, are yet to officially confirm when FM 2014's release date is set for. However, we're on top of the situation and will be among the very first to bring the official Football Manager 2013 release date to you, and will be updating this article as soon as more FM 2014 release date is announced. Take a look at our BT Sport review: Free sport on Android and iOS.

Football Manager 2014 release date

The first thing that you need to know is that the Football Manager 2014 release date is not going to be anytime soon. Here at PC Advisor we've been playing Football Manager games longer than we care to remember, and as a result of this we're all too aware of the fact that the game doesn't launch at the start of the football season. See also: GTA 5 release date in UK: New GTA 5 gameplay video.

We took a look at the previous release dates of Football Manager games back to 2010 and it's pretty accurate to say there is an obvious pattern with the dates. During these years, the earliest Football Manager release date was the 2012 game, which was released on 21 October, while the latest was 5 November for the 2012 version. Visit: PS4 release date and specs confirmed.

Bearing that in mind, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to predict a Football Manager 2014 release date of late October to early November.

There are a few of reasons why Sports Interactive and Sega hold back till late October or Early November to release the new season's Football Manager.

Firstly, they have to make sure that the FM 2014 player database is up-to-date with this season's transfers. The other is because each year they introduce hundreds of new features to the already hugely complex game. Therefore a beta version of Football Manager is released a few weeks before the official release date to iron out any small errors with the game. The developers continue working on Football Manager to within days of the game's final release. Finally, Football Manager is a massively successful brand with a extremely loyal following, so what's the point in changing a winning formula?

Note: We will be updating this article with the latest Football Manager 2014 release date news, and details of new features as and when they are released.

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FM 2013 release date

Football Manager 2013 release date

Update: The FM 2013 release date has been confirmed as 2 November at 00:01 GMT, via the game's official twitter account @FootballManager. The tweet read "#FM13 release will be Nov 2nd at 00:01 GMT. Pre-order from participating retailers to play 2 weeks ahead of release".

Now that the football season has started every football fan worth his/her salt should be picking holes in the tactics of every club's football manager thinking they could do better. Luckily the start of this season also means that fans don't have long to wait for the FM 2013 release date, so they can infact see if they can do better.

To ease the pain of the unknown, we aim to bring you the FM 2013 release date as well as some of the game's new features and also some screenshots of what the new game looks like, when the become available. See Football Manager Handheld 2012 review.

Remember that this article is reporting on the current circulating rumours, so if the FM 2013 release date (and subsequently the end to your social life for the next several months) is not be 100 percent accurate, it's not through lack of trying. Visit Real Football 2012 for Android review.

FM 2013 release date

Update: It's now been confirmed that the FM 2013 release date will be 2 November at 00:01 GMT. The game is available for pre-order now from participating retailers.

You'd think that football games would cash in on the hysteria surrounding the start of the season to boost sales. But they don't. The reason they don't do this is because the transfer market is still going nuts all over Europe, so all of the squads in the games would be massively wrong by the time the games hit the shelves. See FM 2013 new screenshots and features announced.

Instead what game developers, included Football Manager's developer, do is wait until the transfer window closes and squads are finalised and then start setting the wheels in motion for the launch. See also Fifa 13 release date, features and screenshots.

As you probably know, Football Manager is a game that prides itself on accuracy of player ratings - and having spoken to the developers of Football Manager (while captaining my team to victory in the 2010 Football Manager journalist's pub quiz) it was revealed that the game makers use this time to allow their network of trusted 'player scouts' to put the final touches to their player cards.

So bearing that in mind - while also carrying out the relatively straightforward task of looking at previous Football manager release dates and circulating online rumours -  it can be said with some can with some confidence that the FM 2013 release date will be in late October or early November. On the Football Manager Twitter feed, it was announced that the official FM 2013 release date and new features will be announced in mid September.

FM 2013 features

Update: FM 2013 features have now been announced. Take a look at FM 2013 features to find out more.

The one thing that stops wannabe Football Managers like us just sticking with Championship Manager 2001 and just downloading the updates every season (although I do still do that too), is the new features that Football Manager comes out with every year.

Sadly FM 2013 are remaining tight lipped about what new features the game will have, the Football Manager Twitter account has revealed that the FM 2013 new features and release date will be announced in mid September.

So until then you'll have to make do with some features that we'd like to see. Let us know what improvements you'd like to see too in our comments section below.

Features we'd like to see:

Improved 3D match engine - We ask for the same as every year, but right now it is still difficult to tell when a goal is coming or exactly who did well/poorly in the lead up to a goal.

Free kick viewer - the ability to see how a free kick is struck and how close the taker was with his shot

Individual tactics when not in possession - to be able to tell defensive players to chase down the ball and more attacking players to stay forward and wait for the ball.

UEFA coaching badge exams - different levels of exams to be set depending on what league you want to coach in. Exams should be as realistic as possible and should teach you FM 2013's new features.

Improved stadium graphics and atmosphere having more of an effect on players/referees. E.g. Stadiums with a running track having less of an home advantage; Players being more effected by fans for a night game.

Ability to influence/put pressure on the referee and 4th official during a game. If you push too far, you get sent to the stands and cannot effect the rest of the game. Same should be applied to interacting with the opposing manager.

'Player Cam' style scouting options. Zoomed in view of a player with live in-depth text commentary on of his performance.

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