It was very sad to see Bizarre Creations close its doors following the lukewarm performance of Blur and Blood Stone at retail. Fortunately, though, a number of team members immediately decided not to rest on their laurels, and put together a new studio named Hogrocket.

The studio's first project has been a complete mystery -- aside from the fact that it would be an iOS game -- until now, and this was deliberate.

"It's not that we're being complete teases," wrote Hogrocket co-founder Ben Ward on the company website, "but more because we would like people to be able to play it as soon as they know what it is. We don't want to risk people misunderstanding the game from screenshots alone, or even just going crazy without the chance to play it. The tactic is to go with the flow of the impulsive App Store market and do a simultaneous announcement and release. Let's see if it works!"

So what is this mysterious first project? Tiny Invaders. This is not, as you may expect from the title, a Space Invaders clone. Rather, it's an "action puzzler" tasking players with navigating the titular Invaders -- a "crazy band of space germs" -- through the bodies and minds of various hosts in an attempt to take over the world. The game features 60 levels, one-touch controls, animation from a BAFTA-winning team and full Game Center integration.

It costs $3.99 and is available right now.

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