Best Freeview TV Guide apps

TV guide apps provide a quick and easy way to find out what's coming up on television, and whether those shows and films are worth the watch. With these 5 TV guide apps at your fingertips on your smartphone or tablet, you'll be able to avoid channel flicking, instead going straight to the content you want to watch.

1. TVGuide from

TV Guide app

TVGuide from is one of our favourites, available for iOS and Android. It seems that a recent update has upset some users, but it's free so it's worth a try nonetheless.

TVGuide gives you an easy-to-read grid that lets you see what's on for the upcoming week. You can sort and select channels to customise it to your preferences, and, if you've got an internet-connected Samsung TV, you can even use the app as a remote.

The 'Upcoming Films' feature is particularly useful, showing all of the films playing over the next week. You'll find recommendations within the app too, and you can mark shows as favourites to keep track of when they're next on.

Also useful for Freeview users is the ability to select your country, region and then system. Then tap Freeview in the System menu to only see the channels you've got available to you.

2. Freeview TV Guide app

Best Freeview TV Guide apps

Alternatively, there's actually an official Freeview TV Guide app for iOS and Android. You'll only see the channels that you've got access to through Freeview, and you can take a look through the Top Picks, Favourites and Recommended sections to find out what's best to watch.

It could do with a bit of a redesign, as it's looks a bit clunky, but it's free and it should do the trick.

3. On Air

Best Freeview TV Guide apps

We quite like On Air, which lets you pick from a variety of TV providers including Freeview. It's nicely designed for both iOS and Android, and offers an easy way to see what's on now or later. You can browse by genre, take a look through the highlights or see your personal favourites. You can also search if there is a particular show you're looking for.

4. TV Guide

Best Freeview TV Guide apps TV Guide is another option for iOS and Android. It'll ask you to choose your TV provider, so Freeview users can get rid of the channels they don't have access to from the app's guide.

Browsing options include Top Movies, Sports, Series, Reality, Entertainment, Documentary and Kids, in addition to the 'What's on' guide. We quite like the design of the app, particularly the transparent coloured bars that show how long a show the live progress of the show/movie. 

5. Beamly

Best Freeview TV Guide apps

The last app in our best TV guide apps for Freeview users is a bit different. It aims to make TV more social, by combining a TV guide app for iOS and Android with a social network. You can choose your TV provider in the settings menu, so you don't need to see channels you can't watch.

You can pick your favourite genres, follow your favourite shows and celebrities and see what your friends are watching, meaning you can view the 'My Guide' TV guide for a guide that's completely tailored to you. You'll also find news about programmes you're interested in, and you'll be able to chat with others about shows you're watching.

We think it's a great idea, but it needs more users in order to reach its full potential.