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Gramps 4.1.1

Gramps is a genealogy database, a program used for recording and tracking your family tree. Gramps gives you the ability to record the many details of an individual?s life as well as the complex relationships between various people, places and events. All of your research is kept organised, searchable and as precise as you need it to be.

Gramps can display information in a number of ways, from the dashboard where you record the progress of your research, through the interactive map view highlight places associated with an individual or group of people to a graphic representation of a person's ancestry, a family tree. The database also stores images, videos and other media associated with people, places and events, along with details and notes on every event and person in the database.

What makes Gramps such a good genealogy tool is not simply the amount of data it can hold but the way it correlates that information and allows you to view relationships between people, places and events.

4.1.1 brings many fixes, including:
    - Fix custom place types in the place editor
    - Allow place type combobox to receive focus. 
    - Fix place type for places without a main location
    - Fix bug adding parent places to a new place 
    - Avoid infinite loop when place cycle encountered
    - Prevent creation of a place cycle when merging 
    - Check that a place has been selected when saving.
    - Use the standard place selection widget to be consistent.
    - Add a new Top Level place through the Place Reference Editor 
    - Fix check and repair tool for empty placerefs
    - Update location utilities to work with proxies
    - Place report does not run
    - Update place details gramplet
    - Add Place name, type and alternative names.
    - Locations are now displayed in a new separate gramplet. 
    - Sidebarfilter gramplet does not fit well into People, Events or Media views
    - Fix new event default type considering existing events with *default* role
    - Rebuild secondary indexes after database upgrade
    - Importing gedcom files containing multibyte UTF-8 characters fails
    - Ahnentafel Report did not use Christening Date if no Birth Date
    - [Narweb:] Missing webpage for media under some circumstances 
    - Tweak to “default” CSS choice for the narrated web report
    - Invalid link for Merge citation Help button 
    - Fix path when using drag & drop to add media
    - Limit the number of generations displayed in the ancestor gramplet
    - Export of a subset of the tree failed 
    - Fix url/uri handling with non-ascii characters under linux and mac
    - Fix name format on graphical reports
    - Fix name format on textual reports
    - Better GUI support for embeded custom attributes list on media object
    - Better keys for search under linux shells (.desktop file)
    - ‘Unknown’ person in detailed ancestor report can not be translated
    - Translations don’t show in many labels 
    - Allow gramplets to be displayed in the dashboard only
    - Update FSF address
    - Add Arabic-script, Islamic-date, Thai script, Married Name and more dates examples 
    - Re-enable Esperanto support (for non-Windows OS only) after a large review

Platforms: Linux
Version: 3.2.2
Licence: Open Source
Manufacturer: Gramps Project
Date Added: {ts '2014-10-28 06:39:00'}

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