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Wi-Fi Finder for Android 3.1

The prevalence of 3G means that it is possible to get online with your mobile phone, but it is often the case that when you most need to be online, this is the time you find that you are out of range of a 3G signal. This is when you may need to rely on a wireless internet connection, but if you are not already in range of a network, how are you meant to know where you can find one?

This is where Wi-Fi Finder can help. As the name unsubtly suggests, the app has been designed to make it easy to track down nearby wireless network, and it can be used whether you currently have an internet connection or not. The app can be used to track down both free and paid for connections and it can be used in more than 140 countries.

Used in offline mode, the app relies on a database of wireless networks that has already been downloaded. You can then use filters to home in on particular types of connection - such as those found in hotels or cafes - and the app provides you with details of how to get there.

If you do already have a 3G connection but want to find the nearest wifi network so you can browse the web faster, Wi-Fi Finder can be used in 'live' mode to check online for what is in the area. When you perform a scan for local networks, the results are displayed on a map so you can work out which you would like to travel to. Online scanning by far gives the most useful results, but offline database access is also incredibly useful.

Platforms: Android
Version: 3.1
Licence: Freeware
Manufacturer: JiWire Inc
Date Added: {ts '2011-09-08 11:41:00'}

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