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Comodo Antivirus for Mac 1.1.214829

There is a common misconception about Macs, that they don't need anti-virus protection. The truth is, Macs are far less susceptible to viruses – it's the way they're built, but it's also down to a relative paucity of Mac viruses due to the platform's relatively popularity in relation to Windows. But that doesn't mean the risk isn't there, which is why some form of anti-virus protection is essential, even if you're an Apple user.

A number of free anti-virus tools have started to appear on the Mac platform, and Comodo is the latest to join the fray by adding a Mac version of its free Windows anti-virus tool. It does everything you expect of a free anti-virus tool: updates itself on a regular basis, albeit not as often as a paid-for tool, and offers real-time protection in addition to both critical and full scans of your hard drive.

Everything is wrapped up in a user-friendly interface with lots of options for those who like to tinker. However, the program is currently in beta so expect stability issues – we found it non-responsive on a couple of occasions, but force-quitting isn't enough: you also need to shut down and restart the main engine (Ctrl-click its menu bar icon to do so).

The simple truth is that Comodo Antivirus is currently a long way away from being ready for a mass audience, which mean those looking for protection without acting as guinea pigs would be better served looking elsewhere for their free protection, for now. 

Platforms: Mac OS X
Licence: Freeware
Manufacturer: Comodo
Date Added: {ts '2011-12-10 18:19:00'}

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