One of the limitations of Windows Explorer is its inability to display the contents of more than one folder at a time. While it is possible to open multiple windows to get around this problem, this is something of an inelegant solution and goes some way to explaining the wide range of Explorer replacement tools that are available.

Explorer replacements tend to fall into one of two categories – those that offer dual pane views for working with two or more folders simultaneously, and those that have tabbed interfaces to make it easier to switch between multiple locations. XYplorer offers the best of both world, providing both tabs and dual pane options.

The program includes advanced options for working with files including an undo facility and the ability to queue up a number of file operations for efficient, sequential execution. A unique ‘mini-tree’ view makes it easy to access your most frequently used folders and recently used locations can be accessed view hotkeys.

XYplorer reveals a wealth of information about selected drives, folders and files, and enables files to be previewed with a single click. Files can be categorised and organised using tags , colours, comments and labels and an advanced filtering system is available to make it easy to find a particular file or type of file. This is one of the most comprehensive Explorer replacement tools available which is open to a high level of customisation so that it works the way you want it to.

Version 15.20 brings these changes:

- Drop Stacks. It will take you no more than 30 seconds to create a drop stack in the toolbar, a 24x24 pixel landing place where you can drop files to virtual folders. Extremely handy. And you can have many of them. (Pro Edition Only)
- Thumbnail Files. Now you can save the thumbnails of images as files. So you can actually do something with those thumbnails beyond just staring at them. (Pro Edition Only)
- Auto-Select First Item. Now you can have the first list item auto-selected when entering a new folder. Some cannot live without this.
- Link View. Quickly check what a shortcut points to before you open it.
- Network Speed. Enjoy speed improvements and smoother handling of unavailable network locations.


XYplorer is one of the most advanced Explorer replacements available, making the competition pale into insignificance.