It's no secret that Windows 8 has seen some major changes, in particular the removal of the Start Menu. But with all the fuss over these, you might have missed some smaller, but also significant tweaks: in particular, the fact that there's no desktop alert when Windows 8 has updates available. (There's a notification on the Logon screen, but if you don't reboot often, or you bypass the logon screen, then this won't be much use.)

If this is a problem for you, though, it's easily fixed. Just install Windows Update Notifier and it will run in the background, periodically checking for updates. And if anything appears then a desktop alert will tell you more.

The program has some useful configuration settings. You can define how often it checks for updates, for instance (it's every 60 minutes, by default).

There's also a welcome option to "Hide tray icon when no updates are available", which could be handy if your system tray is cluttered enough already and you want to keep surplus icons to a minimum.

And if you make use of Windows Defender, you'll probably appreciate the ability to download and install Defender updates automatically. Windows Update Notifier must be run as an administrator for this to work, but the program includes guidance on how to set everything up.

Recent changes include:

- Fixed issue Version 1.4.0 crash by start: WUN crashes after start because of a missing config file.

- New design for the context menu (which appears when clicking on the systemtray icon)
- Show the new context menu on left an right click
- Show number of updates in the system tray icon
- Added support for the command line argument -settingsFile, which allows to specify a custom settings file to load
- Minor bug fixes


A small but simple tool which helps give you greater control over the Windows 8 update process