Windows Repair is a portable tool which can help you get a damaged PC working again, useful if for example you've just removed a stubborn malware infection and now your system is seriously misbehaving.

The program's tabbed interface first walks you through some basic recovery steps. There are pointers to some free antivirus tools, for instance, and buttons to check your hard drive for errors, run the System File Checker, and create or restore a System Restore point.

For the real power here, though, click Start Repairs, select "Custom Mode" and click Start. And here you'll see options to reset Registry and File permissions, re-register system files, remove system policies commonly set by malware, and repair WMI, your firewall, IE, Hosts file, Winsock and DNS cache, and more. Just check the boxes next to the repair you'd like to carry out, click Start and Windows Repair will fix the selected problems for you.

There's no doubt that Windows Repair includes some powerful options which may be able to help you fix all kinds of odd Windows issues.

However, this tool can also cause plenty of problems of its own. So choosing to "Repair Winsock", for instance, might get your internet connection working, but could also break some low-level network-related application, such as a firewall. Reinstalling these programs should get them running again, but it's still best to be cautious: apply the Windows Repair tweaks one at a time, and only when you're completely sure they're necessary.

What's new in 3.6.0? See the changelog for more info:

- New Pro feature has been added. "Manage Windows Users and Groups".
- The main repairs window has been changed. The size of the window can not be over 800x600 so that it will fit on screen in Windows safe mode. 
- The new layout was done to be less cluttered, easier for users to read and follow, all while still having all the same information as before.
- In the free version, when you close the main repairs window, a small screen will come up to say thanks for using the program and to consider buying pro. 
- Huge amount of code clean up, changes and improvements, all while adding a ton more code in its place.
- Nearly all the program controls (Buttons, text boxes, lists and so on) have been updated and improved.
- Progress bars and the system monitors on the Repairs window have been updated to be able to allow users to control their colors as well.
- New color options added to the color settings window.
- Improved the looks of the progress bars and monitors.
- A Windows Repair Loading Status window is now shown after the program does the pre startup check of the files.
- Increased the font size and changed the font type in the Pre-Scan log window.
- Changed the formatting and layout of the Pre-Scan log Window to both look better and be easier to read.
- Repair Reparse Points tool now shows a very detailed log when you have it do any repairs
- - ManageACL has been updated to v1.1.0. 


Windows Repair provides easy access to 30 powerful Windows-fixing options. Just be careful - using a fix which isn't appropriate for your system can cause more problems than it solves. Make sure you have a full system backup before you begin.