SIV is an extremely comprehensive system information tool that tells you everything you could ever want to know about your PC.

To take an example, when you launch the program you'll see a button called Volumes, and so you might think this would lead to a screen that lists your PCs drives, their free space and so on.

What you actually get is much, much more. Like pointers to your various drive types, manufacturers, serial numbers and controllers. There's geometry data (the number of cylinders, tracks, sectors and more). Information on partition layouts. And live file system statistics, so you can see which drives are being accessed the most.

There are specific reports on your USB and SCSI drives. Low-level Windows data like volume GUID names. Real-time SMART drive monitoring, so for instance you can see the current temperature of any SMART-compatible drives. Oh, and of course if you just want to know the capacity and free space of your various drives, then that's available too.

SIV offers the same in-depth reports on other areas of your hardware - the CPU, RAM, GPU, system buses, and a whole lot more.

The program also provides detailed network information, and troubleshooting tools.

And the Windows section is something like a supercharged Task Manager, telling you all about drivers, services and running processes, memory use, paging, loaded DLLs, security privileges and more.

The program's interface is a little odd, and there's so much available here that it can take a while to pick out the data you need. But there are few better ways to explore the technicalities of your PC, and others you might encounter, especially as SIV is portable and supports every version of Windows from 95 upwards (the server editions, too).

Version 5.12 changes include (history):

- Added support for Windows 10 RS2 V10.00 Build 14901. Enabled operation of [ACPI HAL], [ACPI Buses], [ACPI Eval] and [ACPI Ports].
- Improved NVMe Disk SMART reporting on Windows 10 systems and added Intel NVMe (IaNVMe service) support.
- Added ASUS Gryphon Z87 + Gryphon Z97 + MSI MS-7885 motherboard support. Improved ASUS Z97 support.
- Added VIA Eden X4 + QuadCore (Isaiah II, CNR) support.
- Resolved issue with the SIV Tray Icon sometimes being missing when auto-run is used and after a shell restart.
- Added Topmost support to LCD panels.
- Added a hold-off delay before CoolIT (CL Mini, H110i, etc.) controlled fans will slow down and [Link Setup] to set this delay.
- Allow for CL using Global\CorsairLinkReadWriteGuardMutex rather than Global\Access_CorsairLink.
- Corrected reporting of CreateFile() failures and improved reading of H115i + H100iV2 + H80iV2 cooler information.
- Added initial AMD Zen support and corrected AMD Bulldozer to report as cores (modules) that have two logical processors (integer cores).


Learn to master the quirky interface and you'll find that SIV is one of the best system information tools around