Restore Point Creator is a portable tool which makes it easier to create system restore points.

The program's interface is its first plus point, as it presents everything you need in the same dialog. There's the list of current restore points; the button to create a new restore point; a "restore to selected restore point" option, all just a click away.

You get some extra options, too, like the ability to schedule a restore point to happen whenever you like, selectively delete an individual restore point, or log restore point deletions for review later.

There are drive space management tools, as well; you're able to view the space currently taken by restore points, and reduce or increase it as you choose.

You can do most of this within Windows, of course, but Restore Point Creator just makes it easier. If you start at the Windows System Protection dialog, say, it's three clicks to display the current list of Restore Points; launch Restore Point Creator and they're visible right away.

Version 6.0 build 1 brings (see full changelog)

Updated the HTTPHelper to version 1.266. This includes multiple fixes, improvements, and additions to the class library that handles all of the program's various HTTP requests.

Included a new settings backup file type that's based upon XML.

Renamed "Reboot System" to "Reboot Computer" in the Utilities menu.

Added a Manual System Restore Fix tool to the Utilities menu.

Added a message box to the restore point creation routine telling the user what to do if the program determined that doing an auto-fix to System Restore could have unintended side-effects.

Included code in the downloadAndDoTheUpdate() function to detect if the user is on the beta update channel and if the update channel has been overridden to stable channel. If this occurs then the debug build is downloaded instead of the standard release (non-debug) build. This situation that could occur if updating from a beta/RC build to the next release build but there's no new beta/RC build after it, this is to make sure that if you are on the beta channel you get a debug build instead.

Added an Advanced Mode for the Manage System Restore Storage Space tool. This has been added back due to a user's request.

Included renaming of multiple internal variable names.

Added a custom exception to handle certain types of errors in the program, specifically when trying to parse Strings into Integers.

Fixed a possible bug in which a crash could occur if there are duplicate system restore point IDs when selecting restore points to be deleted. This is strange because it really shouldn't be happening, this fix should fix the issue. Thanks goes out to "George" and "Harry" (you know who you are) for reporting this issue to me.

Added handling of the custom exception to the extended exception data logging function.

Added error logging for errors while parsing system restore point ID strings into Integers.

Fixed an issue in the update routine in which the Please Wait window obscures the message box telling you that a system reboot is needed to complete the update if something went wrong during the update procedure. This issue was fixed by closing the Please Wait window before showing the message box.

Fixed an issue in which the uninstall info's DisplayIcon wasn't being set properly which resulted in a blank/broken icon in Windows Programs and Features.

Minor code cleanups.


A well-designed interface simplifies the process of creating and managing your system restore points, and adds some useful extra functions as well.