One of the most common reasons for wanting to keep the contents of two folders synchronised is to ensure that a backup copy of important files is also available. However, there are numerous other uses for synchronisation including using network storage to keep data synchronised between multiple computers.

File syncing tools have a tendency to be very complicated affairs, but this is not the case with FreeFileSync. As the name would suggest, the program is available free of charge and it makes light work of ensuring that you always have copies of the latest version of the files you are working with in the folder you need them.

A simple, unclutter interface means that setting up folder pairs is quick and painless and there are a range of file synchronisation options available. Files can be compared using the date of last access, or by performing a bit by bit comparison. There is no limit on the number of files that can be included in a synchronisation job so the program is suitable for even the most demanding of user.

Batch jobs can be created to help automate the process of synchronising a large number of folder pairs, and the option to move files to the Recycle Bin rather than simply deleting them, means that a safety net is always available. With fast operation and fast, simple setup, FreeFileSync enables you to synchronise files free of fuss.

What's new in 7.4?

- Switch between all folder pair configurations directly in the sync config dialog
- Support macros, path by volume name for config files on command line
- Support slash as path separator on command line (Windows)
- Allow slash as path separator in filter dialog (Windows)
- Discard SFTP connection after 20 seconds of idle time
- Fixed file already existing error when changing file name case (OS X)
- New keyboard shortcuts to open external applications
- Fixed clipboard being cleared when opening sync config dialog (OS X)
- Workaround wxWidgets bug breaking copy/paste shortcuts (OS X)
- Fixed disabled button icons not being updated in the config dialog
- Fixed launcher error messages not being shown (Windows XP)
- Fixed launcher showing incorrect error about missing service pack (Windows XP)
- Revised help file and consolidated into online help


A deceptively simple file synchronisation tool which is packed with features.