If there is one complaint levelled against the iPhone again and again, it is that the battery life leaves a little to be desired - particularly if you are working with apps that make use of a 3G or Wifi connection. Remembering to keep the phone charged is something that iPhone owners quickly become used to, relying on the percentage meter to get an idea of how much life if left in the device - but do you really know if you have enough battery remaining to finish watching that film?

Free Battery is a good looking battery meter which does more than simply keep you informed about the charge level of your battery - the app approaches battery life from a real world perspective. It's all well and good knowing that your battery is half charged, but what does that mean? Free Battery reveals just how long the current charge level will enables you to use your iPhone for various activities - music playback, watching videos, browsing the internet or making phone calls. While the quoted figure are not always entirely accurate, the app gives you a good ballpark figure to work with.


It may not be 100% accurate, but Free Battery provides you with the information you need to maximise the use of your iPhone.