File Expert is an advanced file management tool for Android devices. In addition to basic operations such as copying, moving and renaming files, the app also enables you to share files from your phone and can even be used as an SMB client to access and control your desktop computer. All this and more is available in this free app.

For the more advanced user, File Expert can be used to access and edit system files, although this is not recommended for most people. As well as SMB support, File Expert can be used as an FTP and web server. This provides yet another way to share and access files with the added security benefits of HTTP authentication and FTP account login.

There is built in support for compressed files, and you have the option of creating and open Zip files, and decompressing RARs. Images and other media files can be more easily identified when browsing folders thanks to thumbnail display, and there is also a gesture oriented image viewer available.

File Expert includes an app uninstallation and backup facility, and if you have a rooted device this can be run in silent mode. In addition to local and remote files, the app can be used to browse through files on an SD card and it can even be used to play media files shared on an SMB share.


An extremely powerful utility for an Android user who wants to take control of their files, offering features not found anywhere else.