ConsoleZ is a feature-packed enhancement for the Windows console.

There's no installation, and ConsoleZ won't interfere with your existing command line. Instead, just run Console.exe and it opens its own window.

A toolbar offers buttons to split the console horizontally or vertically, enabling (for example) viewing two consoles side-by-side.

There's no need to spend an age scrolling the window, looking for some key detail-- the built-in Search box will find it right away.

Browser-like tab handling allows you to add, rename, detach, clone, close and otherwise manage as many tabs as you need.

Tabs can be grouped, which means you can enter a command in one, and it'll be echoed in all the others.

There are a lot of visual tweaks. You're able to set up custom window styles, adjust transparency, change fonts, select a cursor type, even choose a separate background image per tab, if you like.

This is all ultra-configurable, too. The GUI interface doesn't mean you're forced to use the mouse, for instance: just about everything has a keyboard shortcut, and these can all be freely reconfigured to whatever you prefer.


A fantastic console enhancement, easy enough for novices to use immediately, but with the power and configurability that experts need.