CloseAll is a tiny, portable tool which can close all applications with a click.

The program doesn't require installation, so all you have to do is remove it from the download file and place the program (or a shortcut) in some convenient location. In Windows 7 you might pin it to the taskbar, for instance (right-click, select Pin to Taskbar).

Then, when your PC is just too cluttered with running applications and open windows, all you have to do is click the pinned CloseAll shortcut and it'll try to shut down all down.

This isn't quite as alarming as it sounds. The program only works with top-level application windows, for instance, so it won't try to close down system processes, your antivirus program, or anything else that lives in the system tray.

And the method used to close applications is relatively gentle, so if an application has work which you haven't saved then it shouldn't close immediately: you'll first see the usual message asking if you want to save your data. (That's the idea, anyway, but we'd recommend you test it with your own applications, first, just to be sure.)

If this is still a little too drastic for you, though, Close All Windows can also be configured to keep some applications running. If you'd always like to keep Outlook and your browser open, say, just modify your shortcut properties to provide the relevant executable filenames on the command line. It'll look something like

CloseAll.exe -x="firefox.exe|outlook.exe"

and you can find out more in the program's ReadMe.txt file.

What's new in v2.0?

- New fully redesigned user interface
- Added installer and uninstaller for your convenience
- Full support for Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP


An easy and fairly safe way to close all your open applications, and start again with a fresh desktop