The clipboard is a seriously useful tool that not only makes it easy to insert images and other objects into documents, but also helps to save a great deal of time by making it possible to very quickly copy and paste text from one place to another. But the default clipboard built into Windows has one fairly serious limitation - it can only hold one object or text snippet at a time.

This is where Clipboard Master can help, making it possible to store multiple text snippets, files and images in memory at any one time ready to be pasted into folders or documents. This is obviously a very useful feature, but anyone who regularly uses the same text snippets - such as writers and coders - will enjoy the ability to organise your most frequently used objects in folders to make them easy to find and edit when required.

A series of keyboard shortcuts can be configured to make it possible to paste any of a number of clipboard objects into the current document or folder, but you also have the option of browsing through the Clipboard Master interface to choose what you are looking for.

Unlike the Windows clipboard, Clipboard Master can be used to copy and paste text both with and without formatting. As well as using keyboard shortcuts, multi-button mice can be configured to provide easy access to pasting options. There are a huge number of options to explore in Clipboard Master that can help to dramatically improve your workflow and make your more productive.

Version 4.0 changes include (Full Changelog):

- Screenshots: 
  - reprogrammed the selected windows which is now really smooth
  - in FireFox now the complete page can be captured (and not only the visible area), Key F2 or via the context menu in the screenshot tool
- Copying to a VMWares virtual machine now working
- Global context menu: with 'add to' the selected text, file, picture, ... can be easily added to a clipboard
- 'New clipboard' now starts a wizard, to e.g. add a common clipboard or to add a clipboard which loads it textes from a text oir excel file (and updates it automatically)
- Improved common clipboards: reloading is now faster when items have modified on another computer
- Printing of pictures is now possible (Ctrl+P)
- Screenshots can now be printed with one click


An incredibly useful tool that will very quickly replace the very basic clipboard that is built into Windows.