Capture.NET Free is a tiny portable tool which is absolutely packed with useful desktop functions.

Just launch the program and you'll immediately get an idea of what's to come. There's a clock. And a calendar. And a screen ruler. And a display of your current mouse cursor position. Very useful, all on its own.

Right-clicking the clock reveals much more. You can switch to a digital clock, or a transparent analogue display, just a tiny clock which you can leave on the desktop without it getting in your way. A simple alarm clock supports multiple alarms to run daily, weekly or on chosen days of the week. There's a stopwatch (count up/ count down with optional timer), a world clock or a time synchronise tool.

Right-clicking elsewhere gives you access to more tools. A surprising capable Screen Capture module is a major plus, supporting the capture of windows, objects, regions, freehand or fixed-size areas, scrolling windows or the full screen. The resulting image can be rotated, cropped, annotated with various drawing tools, or customised with a few effects via the built-in editor.

But even that's not enough, because you also get a Post-It Notes module. A color picker, simple batch image converter/ resizer, a screen magnifier, a Quick Launch menu where you can add your own programs and commands. There's even a Backup Expert module to save your email, browser favourites/ feeds or custom folders, although this was the only area which didn't work well for us.

All this comes in a single executable, less than 1.5MB in size. There's no adware or other hassles because the developer hopes you'll upgrade to the $15 Professional release, which adds Windows Spy (process manager, network connection monitor, clipboard features, more), a File Manager (batch rename, split, merge, find duplicate files, change attributes/ dates), a font viewer, a system Tweaker (optimise your PC, adjust various Windows settings) and more.

v13.3 Changelog

The main program ( the Main )
- Upd: MSI/MSU/CAB ?????( Extractor ): ????(Admin Mode)??/???????(6133) - Upd: MSI / MSU / CAB decompression functions ( Extractor ): improvements to the right (Admin Mode) under the care / take no action in question (6133)
- Upd:????????????????(6133) - Upd: contains other minor amendments and optimization Cumulative Update (6133)
????( Tweaker ) {#} System optimization ( Tweaker ) {#}
- Add:??Enable/Disable Windows SmartScreen??????????(6133) - Add: Support the Enable / the Disable the Windows the SmartScreen security enabling and disabling process (6133)
- Fix:??????????????????(6133) - Fix: Fixed miscellaneous program remove the name exactly matching process (6133)
????( Windows Spy ) Window investigation ( the Windows Spy )
- Upd:??????(CRC32/MD5/SHA1/SHA256): ????(Admin Mode)??/???????(6133) - Upd: File verification processing (CRC32 / MD5 / SHA1 / SHA256 ): improvements to the right (Admin Mode) under the care / take no action in question (6133)
- Fix:??????????????(6133) - Fix: Fixed program include the name exactly matching process (6133)
??????( Captrue Image Text ): Image capture text ( CapTrue the Text Image ):
- Upd:????????????????????98?( 98 Languages )(6133) - Upd: Updated with new versions of the relevant process while increasing the supported languages to 98 ( 98 Languages ) (6133)
????( Privacy Eraser ) {#} Clear privacy ( Privacy Eraser ) {#}
- Fix:??????????????????(6133) - Fix: Fixed bots, remove the name exactly matching process (6133)


Capture.NET's tools vary considerably in quality, but it's lightweight, doesn't get in your way, and the clock/ timer and screenshot features justify the download all on their own.