Windows 7 may not have a huge fan base in the world of Mac users, but there is one feature that many have been slightly envious of – the ability to maximize windows or tile them side by side by simply dragging them to the edge of the screen. This is something that BetterSnapTool brings to the OS X, making it easier than ever to manage your open windows.

In a fraction of a second, it is possible to resize and re-position any window so that it snaps to the bottom left, far left, upper left, top, upper right, far right or lower right of the screen. Ordinarily these movements would be achieved by dragging and dropping a window to the edge of the screen, but it is also possible to define keyboard shortcuts that help to make things even easier.

In addition to the seven positions around the edge of the screen, windows can also be centred on the desktop, centred on a second monitor, made to occupy the lower half of the screen or maximized using keyboard shortcuts. Lovely animation effects accompany any window move and a ghosted preview enables you to check the position of windows before releasing the mouse button.

BetterSnapTool is one of those little utilities that will make you wonder how you ever lived without it. The application has been so well executed that it seems to be an integral part of Snow Leopard, and you will really miss it when you need to use a Mac that does not have this utility installed.


A genuine must-have app that comes at a price you just can’t argue with.