There are many reasons why you might want to make it easier to change the attributes of files – whether you are working with them on an individual basis or with many files at once. For example, if you have copied a number of files onto CD or DVD, you will notice that they have been turned into read-only files. Attribute Changer provides you with a quick and easy way to change things back to how you want them to be, but there are numerous other options as well.

Files that have been generated by various program might use a different naming convention to what you’re used to. Some programs like to make file extensions upper case, and if this is something that irks you, Attribute Changer enables you to very quickly change this back to lower case – or vice versa, or changing the file name in either direction as well.

The tool can also be used to change the date and time stamps associated with files. When you copy or move files from one location to another you may well find that these particular file attributes are adjusted. In another scenario, you may have taken a series of photos with your digital camera only to discover later on that the date was not correctly set on the camera. Attribute Changer is on hand to help you to make these changes with very little effort.

You can work with files on an individual basis, or you can change the attributes of several at once. There is also the option of editing the attributes of folders, including changing attribute recursively. There are helpful filtering features that enable you to exclude certain files from changes and there is also a simulation mode that can be used to try out different settings without actually committing to them.

Version 8.0 brings:

New : Randomise feature on individual datetime stamps
New : Export of detailed report results ( CSV format )
New : Shell context menu displays icons ( optional )
New : Detailed logging can be enabled/disabled at any time
New : Last used settings automatically saved
New : Shell extension adds additional context menu items :
  › Change Attributes / Use Current
  › Change Attributes / Use Saved
Update : Major refactoring of main application
Update : Complete rewrite of shell extension
Update : Simplified User Interface
Update : Enhanced randomise algorithm
Update : Enhanced basic logging
Update : Enhanced detailed logging
Update : Updated translations
Update : Redesigned icons in application
Update : Fixed blank date or time field when using Classic theme
Update : Fixed upgrade issues in installer


A valuable tool that places you in control of your files – handy to have n numerous circumstances.