Waking up in the morning is rarely a pleasant experience, particularly is awoken by a piercing alarm sound. This is the scenario that greets many iPhone users each day if they opt to use the built in clock as an alarm clock. Alarm Clock Pro enables you to be awoken more gently - by choosing your favourite piece of music to start the day.

You can opt to play a single track or an entire playlist and when running the apps transforms the screen of your iPhone into a digital LED clock - great if you have the phone docked at the side of the bed at night. There are a number of built in themes to choose from and the clock itself can be customised in a variety of ways. Screen dimming is controlled with a simple swipe of the finger and multiple alarms can be created, each with its own 'snooze' option.

As an added bonus, the app can be used to transform your iPhone into a torch. When the program is running, just shake your phone to illuminate the screen. The only real down side to Alarm Clock Pro is that you will need to remember to manually launch the program before going to bed or the alarms will not sound. There is also a free version of the app available which lacks the torch facility and the option to use music as an alarm.


Providing you don't forget to launch the app manually each night, Alarm Clock Pro makes waking up more more enjoyable.