Nobody could have predicted just how popular Twitter would become, and certainly not as quickly as it has. Variously described as a social network and a micro-blogging service, Twitter is unique in the way in not only enables to users to express their thoughts, but also keep in touch with friends, family, and even celebrities. One of the problems with desktop based Twitter client, or the Twitter web site, is that they can generally only be used from a desktop computer – but when something occurs that you would like to tweet about, the chances are you are not anywhere near a machine.

Twitterrific enables iPhone users to tweet on the move, providing a unified timeline which makes it possible to track the tweets of people you are following as well as replies and direct messages. The app can be used to follow searches and trends, while a filtering option enables you to display only messages of a particular type.

The app can be used to manage multiple Twitter accounts and includes a number of handy built in features such as URL shortening, email options, re-tweeting and threaded conversation view and well as an integrated web browser. Support for themes means that it is possible to change the appearance of the app. As this is the premium version of the app, it does not feature advertisements.


Twitterrific is one of the most robust and impressive iPhone Twitter clients available